10 the Hard Way

10 the Hard Way…10 Instagrams and the “why” behind them showing up in my feed last week.

1. The legendary Club 33.  Making all of my insane “secret club” fantasies, and my boo’s culinary fantasies, come true all in the same evening.


2. Seriously in love with this table that I’ve been hanging around at since I was a baby. The Avon cup touches my soul.


3. I posted this because bae and I obviously dressed so damn cute and matchy, matchy…the mirror trip was just a bonus.


4. Nutrition is important in this household, and I am recently obsessed with Burger Lounge. Have you been? Comment below! Buckwheat salad w/ seared ahi.


5. I’m not a Vegas dude, so to me, this is one of the most beautiful images of Las Vegas I have ever seen…and I took it. BOO YAH.

IMG_0511 (more…)

10 the Hard Way

10 the Hard Way…10 Instagrams and the “why” behind them showing up in my feed last week.

1.   What an interesting bag of chips, right? Going on a road trip with Steph this September, and it will literally be a preppy’s dream come true. Starting in NYC for Fashion Week, followed by a night in Montauk, up through Newport, Rhode Island, and then to Martha’s Vineyards, Cape Cod and finally out of Boston. I am breaking my GTH pants out for this one!

the blogger boyfriend kyle hjelmeseth blogging menswear preppy cape cod stephanie liu

2. I thought twice about posting this, but ended up saying what the hell. Cool concept by putting this on the bathroom mirror at Cafe Gratitude Larchmont, but then again…you’re in the bathroom at Cafe Gratitude Larchmont, and unless you get that angle right, it’s straight urinal.

the blogger boyfriend kyle hjelmeseth blogging menswear cafe gratitude larchmont

3. Steph got these gorgeous Sicky S2 Tortoise frames, so naturally I had to take a blogger boyfriend type of shot with them. I used to steal my Pap’s cool shades all of the time, so I made him put these Sickys on, and wanted to see who thought I wore them better than Pap. I lost.

the blogger boyfriend kyle hjelmeseth blogging menswear sicky sunglasses

4. I posted this picture of my cool little Peg and Awl chalkboard and the message scribbled on there out of sheer pride. I’ve been renting my studio out periodically thanks to Airbnb for about two years now, and I’ve never had a bad review (knock on wood). Airbnb has allowed me to meet some super cool people from all of the the world, and I am grateful for kind guests who respect my space!

the blogger boyfriend kyle hjelmeseth blogging menswear airbnb los angeles

5. Again with the vanity…who looks best in their shades? Pap won by a LANDSLIDE.

the blogger boyfriend kyle hjelmeseth blogging menswear www.honeynsilk.com stephanie liu sunglasses (more…)

Family Feud: Sicky v. TOMS


When Stephanie got her new Sicky S2 Tortoise sunglasses in I had no idea the battle that would take place, not unlike the War of the 5 Kings (GoT reference). Here I was in standoff between Stephanie, my dear Pap Pap, and my mother…although mother was content repping TOMS, so for her the struggle was more just to prove that she looked the best generally speaking.

So, I leave it up to you…who wore it best?? (more…)

And They’re Off! TBB Day at the Races

the blogger boyfriend zara daniel wellington kyle hjelmeseth bow ties del mar

Thanks to my cousin in my 20s I started to develop this sickness that I couldn’t stop from spreading…The Prep Flu. I started desiring colored pants, polos and oxfords like I had never had an itch for before. I wanted to summer on the shore. I wanted to play preppy games. I wanted to dress in pastels and go to the horse races!!!

I’ve been slowly trying to make up for my lost childhood of not being a prep by hanging out on boats and buying more J.Crew. This year I turned another corner, put on my bowtie and grabbed my gorgeous girlfriend, and we went to play the ponies in our Sunday’s best… (more…)

Watch Me Now


We all have our obsessions. A lot of guys start their obsessions early in life. Cars, football, clothes, books…women. My obsession with watches started a bit later, but I’m gladly catching up here in my 30s and growing a collection that would make pops proud.

Let me share my obsession with you… (more…)

You Only Turn ___ Once

the blogger boyfriend stephanie liu kyle hjelmeseth malibu wine safari stargazing kennington man

You only turn 25 once, so you better do the damn thing while in your moment, right? Unlike me, my boo is a little bit less turnt up. My 25th year on Earth was marked by a 5-day Bacchanal festival of raging held in Chicago.  Knowing that my lady is a bit more classic, a bit more…refined I dare say…than me at 25 lead to a completely different type of adventure…  (more…)

A Quarter Century of Awesome: The Blogger Girlfriend’s Birthday

Steph Bday 2014blog-03

25 years is a substantial commitment to being around these days, and when celebrating this hallowed birthday I feel like we should be awarded medals. Good job…25 years of being awesome…*slow clap*

Well she did it…SHE DID IT!!! Stephanie is turning 25 gorgeous, delightful years old tomorrow (Friday)…and if I had a medal to give, she would surely have it pinned on her fashionable birthday suit.

Do me a solid. Before you click *more* where you’ll get to read a story about us, please wish Stephanie a HAPPY BIRTHDAY from around the world:



The Blogger Boyfriend Travel Kit

the blogger boyfriend j.crew weekender cole haan dress shoes toms sunglasses hundreds sweater

I only just (re)started blogging a couple weeks ago and I’m already getting a ton of questions about all the adventures Steph and I have been going on, and more importantly, what to pack! Here is what it takes to get me out the door…